CrowdFlik Patents

CrowdFlik Patent Announcements:


CrowdFlik, Inc. Announces Issuance of US Patent for Synchronized Mobile Video

CrowdFlik® Announces Issuance of Second US Patent for Mobile Video Synchronization & Crowd-Sourced Content Platform


CrowdFlik is covered by the following patents:

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  2. United States Patent No. 10,347,288

  3. China Patent No. ZL201380072869.0

  4. Japan Patent No. 6071090

  5. South Korea Patent No. 10-1680507

  6. Canada Patent No. 2,898,441

  7. Germany No. TBD

  8. Great Britain No. TBD

  9. Sweden No. TBD

  10. Finland No. TBD

  11. France No. TBD

  12. Italy No. TBD

  13. Hong Kong No. HK16104494.5A