News Update: CrowdFlik technology is now patented in 11 countries.
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Coming soon: CrowdFlik SDK

give your project the power of synched video and AI infused content creation

Music fans love CrowdFlik

Music fans love CrowdFlik

Get the app.

Getting married?

Getting married?

You will love CrowdFlik.

Gotta get CrowdFlik

Gotta get CrowdFlik

Nothing like it.

The CrowdFlik Experience

Your fans are capturing video at your events -- we help you marshal the video and make it part of the fan content experience -- growing and further engaging your audience and fan base and your content library -- while creating revenue opportunities for you. The CrowdFlik SDK delivers and integrated, crowd-platform experience that will delight your users, build your content library and grow your business.

CrowdFLIK enterprise

Your fans are capturing video at your event...

Easy and Fun

Your app users will love that when they share videos with your app the magic all happens automatically.

Better Videos

Our patented content creator platform is the easiest way to create new multi-cam video ever created.

Content Multiplier

As fans share content and create & share new edits, an infinite amount of new content is made possible.

Unlimited Content Creation

Our SDK connects you to van video & enables a collaborative content share-create-share experience.

Integrated App & Web Experience

CrowdFlik SDK delivers an integrated experience across mobile & web.

Quick Implementation

Our SDK is easy to set: just create an account and import the code into you app and website.

Fan Engagement

Give your fans a better experience.  Fans love to share.  With our SDK they can create and share more.

Data Analytics

Our SDK delivers a powerful, easy-to-use, customized cloud-based 'Partner Portal' that gives you access to an unprecedented amount of usable & actionable data.

New Revenue Opportunities

With our SDK more UGC means more quality content for sponsorships, broadcast, digital, OTT & other revenue gearing opportunities.