A complete end-to-end video platform for your mobile apps and websites:  CrowdFlik SDK and APIs enable video synchronization, video edit, video curation, video serving and more – all fully managed and elegantly wrapped in your branded experience.

Comprehensive toolbox for your robust in-app video experience

CrowdFlik gives brands a powerful tool to harness the power of UGC while creating a deeper customer engagement during and after the events they sponsor.

Fan Engagement

Give your fans a better experience. Fans love to share. With CrowdFlik APIs they can easily create more, share more and engage more.


Our APIs are plug-and-play and easy to implement with a fully documented and supported set-up. You can be up and running within a week.

Content Multiplier

Fans love to share. With CrowdFlik APIs they can easily create and share more. As fans create & share new edits, an infinite amount of new content is made possible.

Integrated App & Web Experience

CrowdFlik APIs deliver an integrated user experience across your App and Web – all fully wrapped within your brand experience.

Deep Data and Analytics

Our APIs deliver a powerful, easy to use cloud-based ‘Client Portal’ that gives you access town unprecedented amount of usable and actionable data and analytic tools.

New Revenue Opportunities

More User Generated Content means more content for sponsorships, broadcast, digital, OTT, and other new revenue opportunities.

Intelligent Content Management

With our APIs you get tools to manage your content to protect the integrity of your brand and your partners brands. Our flexible dashboards enable you to manage what content you want and there you want it shared and shown.

Client Portal

The custom Client Portal gives you access to data, activity and content to give you better and faster look into your business enabling better and faster decisions.

Atomic Clock Synchronization

CrowdFlik’s patented technology utilizes the US Atomic Clock to assure the perfect synchronization of all content captured and shared via our APIs.

CrowdFlik is an intelligent multi-source video content creation solution that uses patented technology to synchronize user generated content by mapping to the US Naval Atomic Clock so that no one ever misses a moment.

Drive business results with in-app video

  • CrowdFlik Video solution is patented in 12 Countries

  • Complete end-to-end Video solution with SDK or APIs

  • Engage your users with video collaboration

  • US Atomic Clock video synchronization for seamless re-edits

  • User Generated Video drives sharing and engagement

  • Monetization opportunities of video are endless

  • Robust content management tools to monitor, create and share content

Video solutions for every industry

CrowdFlik is the in-app mobile video edit platform that gives everyone the ability to create high-quality User Generated Content.


Live Music

Fashion Events



Content Creators


At CrowdFlik we believe that the world is one big, ongoing event and everyone participating wants to share their experience and they don't want to miss anything.  The Fear of Missing Out is what drives CrowdFlik and is what drives our partners who include our APIs in their apps so that users can share, collaborate and create the way they want to.