CrowdFlik for Weddings™

Why Use CrowdFlik?

Your guests want take pictures and videos during your wedding.  When they use the FREE CrowdFlik app their pictures and videos automatically share to your custom CrowdFlik Wedding Album.

All of Your Wedding Videos in One Place

One Videographer can't possibly catch all the action - but your guests can - and since they are already filming in all corners of all of the events give them the power to help.  CrowdFlik automatically synchronizes and shares a copy of all of the Video your guests capture.  It is very easy to make new videos from all of the shared videos - giving you lots of great videos of the day.

Automatically Synchronize Video

CrowdFlik is the Patented app that automatically Synchronizes video from multiple devices making is easy to organize video after your event.  With CrowdFlik, all of the video is organized by event and displayed in the app - organized and ready for you and your guests to create and share new videos made from all of the best angles.

Automatic and Easy

As soon as your guests' video is uploaded to CrowdFlik you can make and share new, custom videos.  The CrowdFlik app waits until the phones are in a WiFi zone to upload the video in order to minimize data usage.  Many wedding venues are WiFi enabled which allows the uploads to CrowdFlik to happen as they are captured.

Share the Videos or Keep Them Private

The CrowdFlik app gives you - the Bride - control over all of the privacy settings.  Since CrowdFlik is a location-based app the only people who can upload videos to your events are the guests that are at the event.  If you want others to have the ability to create and share new videos - that is entirely up to you and can be done from anywhere and at any time.  Total flexibility and very powerful.

How It Works

CrowdFlik is the Patented app that automatically Synchronizes, Uploads and Organizes video.  It is that simple.  When your guests use the free app to capture video it all happens automatically.  With CrowdFlik you get total control.  You can delete video 'mistakes' and your guests can choose to not upload something they capture by 'mistake'.  There is a lot more that we'd like you to know so check out the FAQ's to learn more.

Set Up Your Events

Setting up your events is easy. CrowdFlik offers several plans to match your needs.  If you only want the video from the Wedding ceremony - that is fine.  Or if you are planning an action packed series of events with dinners, brunches, parties and more - that is also fine.  When you create your account you will enter the time, date and location of each event.  CrowdFlik will then be activated at your event to make it easy for your guests.

Create Your Events

Signing up and creating events is easy!!  Just create an account and follow the path.  Pick the package that fits your plans best.  Then enter the dates and addresses of your upcoming events. Give them a name - something clever that everyone will recognize.  Then add artwork, messages, Thank You's to parents, grand-parents, etc.  Don't forget to invite all of your guests to 'join in' on the CrowdFlik fun.  

Enjoy Your Events

When your invited guests arrive at your events they will receive a notification on their phones to assure that they have 'joined' your events.  They will be softly prompted to open the CrowdFlik app when they decide to video.  You can appoint certain guests to be 'Alpha' filmers.  When they use the CrowdFlik app to film it will all happen automatically.  

After Your Events

CrowdFlik automatically synchronizes, uploads and organizes all of the guest video from your events. This is your chance to see what went on throughout your event as it is impossible to be everywhere and see everything - but with CrowdFlik you can see it all. And, it is easy to make new videos to share and post so that everyone can enjoy the day - over and over!