CrowdFlik for Enterprise

CrowdFlik Enterprise Platform

People share content.  CrowdFlik makes it easy to organize and curate shared mobile video content for TV broadcast, in-venue viewing, streaming, on-demand, archiving and social media sharing. 

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Patented UGC Platform

CrowdFlik is the patented crowd-sourced mobile video platform that gives publishers the tools to capture, create and distribute high quality content entirely from crowd-sourced video.  CrowdFlik enables publishers to create content for quick distribution or on-demand archiving. CrowdFlik gives publishers unprecedented speed and flexibility to create, distribute, stream and archive high quality, curated UGC.

Patented Technology Available for License

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Mobile Video to Broadcast in Minutes

CrowdFlik's patented crowd-sourced mobile video platform automatically uploads video from reporters, interns or fans to a secure cloud instance for quick curation and broadcast.  CrowdFlik content is automatically synchronized to the US Naval Atomic clock and organized by event enabling quick set-up on your preferred edit platform (Final Cut, AVID, etc.) making it easy to integrate crowd-sourced content into your stream, broadcast or on-demand offerings.

Rights Management Made Easy

CrowdFlik's patented crowd-sourced mobile video share platform streamlines the process of securing and management of content rights.  CrowdFlik gives publishers full control of rights management and the confidence to create revenue generating programs based on user contributed content.  CrowdFlik's proprietary video encoding and transcoding platform enables streamlined rights acquisition, management and monetization.

Patented Curation Platform

CrowdFlik's patented crowd-sourced mobile video platform offers multiple work-flows to realize high-quality content ready for distribution.  At the simplest level, the patented CrowdFlik edit platform gives users an easy, proprietary mobile interface to enable the quick creation and distribution of high quality content on-the-fly.  Enterprise users may prefer CrowdFlik's unique upload/import process that automatically organizes already time coded, crowd-sourcd content onto basically any proprietary content edit platform dramatically shortening the time from content acquisition to curation to distribution.

Cloud-Based Content Management

CrowdFlik's patented crowd-sourced mobile video content management platform is 100% cloud based and built with the most advanced AWS content management and distribution tools.  CrowdFlik's proprietary video encoding/transcoding platform features the industry leading Elemental Technologies' servers in a hybrid cloud-hosted configuration.   CrowdFlik's advanced CMS capabilities enable dynamic, secure high speed access to content and dashboards for complete program management.

Intelligent Campaign Analytics

CrowdFlik's patented crowd-sourced mobile video platform was built from the ground up with a relentless focus on analytics. CrowdFlik gives the publisher a deep and thorough understanding of customer behavior. The CrowdFlik platform gives publishers the ability to test a near-infinite number of A-B scenarios and inherently provides the analytics as a key component of the fully customizable analytic dashboards and report generation.

Minimal Production Resources Needed

CrowdFlik's patented crowd-sourcing mobile video platform enables harnesses the power of the crowd and taps into people's desire to share.  The automatic synchronization and upload process provide a platform for publishers to have a few do the work of many.  A few curators located on site in the 'truck' or anywhere in the world can create content on-the-fly for entire shows.